Bring Holiday Cheer to Your Office

Bring Holiday Cheer to Your Office

Perhaps you’re looking for fresh ideas to amp up the yuletide spirit in your office this year—something other than the usual Christmas party and karaoke session. Making the holidays special for your employees is a wonderful way to boost team morale, keep staff motivated, and build a sense of camaraderie, all while showing staff that you appreciate their hard work all year long.

At Graphic Gasoline, we love appreciating our employees a little bit extra during the holidays, so to keep the holiday cheer alive, here are our top suggestions for making the holidays extra special in your office.

Give the gift of relaxation

If you’ve got administrative or support staff who help you stay on top of things day in and day out, a box of chocolates or bottle of wine may not convey just how much you appreciate what they do. Instead, why not give a gift that will truly help them to unwind, relax and re-energise? Whether you’d like to give a full spa day or a soothing aromatherapy massage, your employees are sure to love a rejuvenating hour or two at our luxury spa.

Hold a Christmas competition

Rather than the usual Secret Santa affair, get creative with office festivities and hold a Christmas competition among staff. It could be a month-long contest to see who performs the best, or something playful like the best decorated cubicle, but come up with a grand prize like a winter mini-break or a New Year’s Eve getaway so that your colleagues really get into it!

A change of scenery

Instead of throwing your annual party at the office or in your local pub, invite employees to an elegant Holiday party at a unique and fun venue. It’s the perfect opportunity for your employees to glam up for the holiday celebrations where your colleagues will certainly feel the Christmas cheer.

Even the smallest gestures of appreciation can go a long way towards creating that wonderful Christmassy feeling at your workplace, whether it’s inviting colleagues out for a quaint afternoon tea, or if you’re throwing a full-on holiday bash.